Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get out your tinfoil hat...

Okay, this is now bordering on the absurd. Ravelry really needs to stop listening to the paranoid delusions of it's sycophants.

Here's the latest rumor - that the Bunkerites were planning an "attack" on Ravelry. Something like a "denial of service" attack or some other such idiocy such as that from our off-site board.

Absolutely 100% not true.

What we did on the Bunker off-site board was exactly what is done on the Rubberneckers and other boards ON Ravelry every single day. It's also what other groups do on their own off-site boards and through Plurk and Twitter. We linked to certain messages on Ravelry that piqued our interest and then commented about them. Some people joined in the discussion on Ravelry and some just clicked a few buttons. Most just read the Rav posts and then brought the discussion back to our own private board.

That's it - that's the "truly vile" thing that we are being accused of. Posting links on our board and actually clicking them.

If you are going to accuse a bunch of people of doing something "truly vile", then you had better have the proof to back it up and you don't because it doesn't exist.

Also... you might not want to get caught impersonating a lawyer - just some food for thought.


Mead said...

All my male RPG friends are cracking up that I'm suddenly dangerous to a knitting website. They said maybe I should pick a hobby less dangerous - like motocross. LOLOL. We're adding to our guild application, "Do you have a fetish for colorful string and pointy sticks?" Mark of a fierce warrior. :p

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry this is happening. It's crazy! I was part of the Bunker on Rav but didn't post much but closing it down seemed pretty harsh. This is simply ridiculous - clearly there is no plan or understanding how social messageboards work. I hope you're able to come back to Rav if you want.


Tammy said...

As "professionals" (and I use that term lightly) Ravelry really needs to be putting an end to delirious accusations and conduct business in a mature, orderly fashion.

Then they need to get a dictionary, look up the word "vile" and take a good look in the mirror.

Misha said...

I understand Ravelry is still holding all the Bunker members' intellectual property and won't let them retrieve it.
Any lawyers out there?

EllieJane said...

That's right Misha - including mine. Numerous former members have requested that our information be deleted, including pictures (to which we hold the copyright) and there has been no response.

AllyKatt said...

don't forget some of us bought patterns and saved them in our notebooks, which are now being kept from us. or that advertisers who paid for months in advance of ads are being kept from the services.

Spudknit said...

By not saying what actually happened that caused them to ban so many they are allowing the rest of Ravelry to speculate and tarnish reputations left and right. -edgewriter

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an appropriate time for someone banned, who still has property remaining on Ravelry, to actually consult with a lawyer. The best defense is a good offense.

On another blog I read part of the letter sent to banned members. Doesn't sound like lawyer speak to me.....nor does the solution provided sound legal. Is Rav. management acting as their own legal counsel?

Keep up the pressure because I think Ravelry is "Un-Ravelling"!